Our Mission

Our Mission is to continuously and successfully serve our clients with exceptional offline and online consulting services and act as catalyst in organization transformation by focusing on Business Development & Sales.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading business and sales consulting partner to the technology startups and growing technology companies across the globe.

Sales Consulting for Business : Tech Startup Founders & Growing Business Owners

Why Risk Failure And Frustration Trying To Figure All Of This Out By Yourself,
When We've Done The Hard Work For You?

Here's the TRUTH!

97% of the technology startups are closing within first 5 years, 73% + business that started 15-20 years ago are witnessing negative growth.
Just check out if you feel that you...

  • lack direction and predictable growth?
  • lack systematic approach to acquire new customers &, retain and grow existing?
  • find tough to develop business accountability culture in your org?
  • finding tough facing competition from new companies playing pricing games?
  • don't have simple tools to monitor business & individual performance on regular basis?
  • your cost of operations are increasing and profits are falling?
  • think that sales and business development is not your cup of tea as you are from hardcore technology background?

And many more other challenges

Like any other field of life, its very important to accept the fact that your business growth is hitting invisible hurdles and needs external view, a different perspective, from someone who is reliable, trustworthy & experienced.

If you are getting sales consulting first time, it’s natural to have few concerns, objections and fear. Or may be you tried in the past, but you didn’t get the right results and pleasant experience.

A System That's is Tested & Perfected For Years & Has Worked For Many Entrepreneurs Like You, And It Gives RESULTS Virtually Every Single Time.

"MSTK Methodology"

The most holistic approach to put your business on fast track growth!

  • Discover The Simple Secrets Of The Large Organizations Use To Build Rock Solid Foundation Of Scalable Business
  • How To Build Result Oriented Culture In Your Organization Without Unreasonable Stress & Pressure
  • Effortlessly Develop The 4 Core Areas Of Your Business, Setting Up For Future Growth
  • Gets You More Tight Control On Running Profitable Sales Operations
  • Makes It Easy To Keep An Eye On Critical Business Growth KPIs And Direct Sales Team
  • Helps You Overcome And Fix Your Org & Business Structure Fast
  • Gives You The Confidence To Achieve Predictable Growth In Revenue And Profits
  • Quickly Fix The Accountability By Defining The Easy To Follow KPIs
  • STOP Worrying About Potential Failure And Years Of Hard Work Go Down The Drain

And many more tangible/intangible massive shifts that won't just grow sales but TRANSFORM your organization.


Here's why we can make these promises to you:

  • Solid successful track record of more than two decades in technology sales & solution
  • Have real experience of building multi-million dollar businesses starting from ground zero,multiple times for F500 companies
  • Proven & successful track record of building tech business leveraging various business models
  • Have worked with more than 70 tech startups and growing tech companies, so we know your real pains & challenges
  • Most of the clients have grown by 20%-120%, depending on what stage of business they are
  • Over few months/quarters,BOST execution makes your organization independent of Corem, so you continue to grow without depending on us.

And many more reasons to talk to us..

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