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Break Your Own Revenue Records

How To Come Out Of The Slumps in Sales & Break Your Own Revenue Records-

128 Proven Field Sales Tactics To Transform Your Earnings

This is Ultimate Guide for the Entrepreneurs who do not have any experience and background in business development and sales.This is equally applicable to those sales professionals who are in sales for few years, and desperately needs proven ways to ramp up their results. The book is based on 20 years of hardcore field level sales experience and contains only those battle tested steps, practical strategies, necessary skills and mindset needed for entrepreneurial and sales success. This isn’t like any other theoretical business or marketing book. There’s no whiteboard fluff or filler but a ready reckoner- field battle-hardened tactics that are responsible to rapidly grow sales.
– How to begin every day fully charged and ready to crack hard nuts, even if the current situation is not so great
– How to achieve 1.5-10x vis-a-vis planned quota
– How to develop the mindset of a business warrior
– Your time and energy are your assets, how to preserve and use them judicially to maximize results
– Market analysis and homework required before you meet your prospects
– How to start building “authority image” and leverage to build rapport & trust even before the first meeting
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