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What will you achieve in this session ?

You’ll be getting inputs on areas to focus on, list of tactical level actionables and ways to monitor the progress. No theory but immediate actions to overcome the growth hurdles.

As we are committed to provide high quality services to the Technology Startups & Growing Businesses (Entrepreneurs) , we are able to work with about 20% of the total requests we receive. There are few simple criteria we follow as our guidelines.


What these sessions are not :

  • Quick-Fix Over Night Results System
  • Its not Magic Pill
  • Its not Push Button “Instant” Machine to produce results
  • Its definitely not outsourcing Sales To Corem Sales Consulting.
  • It Is A Realistic, Proven Result Producing Framework That WORKS, provided you follow the system and take necessary daily actions.


Are you one of these?

  • You are a tech startup and have product ready (or almost ready) to launch.
  • You are a tech startup, could win few clients but now urgently needs to acquire more clients and scale up revenue.
  • As a founder of a tech startup, you are fully committed to participate in the process of building business.
  • You are a growing tech business (product, services, System Integrator, VAR, etc), you have been doing well for last few years, but now you are either stagnant or observing negative growth. You have basic sales team and a system in place.
  • As a business owner of growing tech business, you are fully committed & open to participate in the process of restructuring and revamping the Strategy, Structure and the System.

So, it would be our honor to serve you, if you think, we can do great justice to 30 minutes of your time.

We are LIKE MINDED team.

Strategy Session Questionnaire

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