How to Acquire Mindset of a Doctor to INCREASE SALES?

Consultative Selling Method

Would you go to the doctor who start writing
prescription even before diagnosis? MALPRACTICE?

Most of the sales professionals, I have seen, start giving solutions before even have proper diagnosis. When I ask them – “Why this, why not that?” They normally wont have answer or blabber something.

If you are not selling commodity, then the best way to gain respect, credibility, relationships and business is to adopt CONSULTATIVE SELLING METHODOLOGY.

How to Acquire Mindset of a Doctor to INCREASE SALES
To make your interactions with the customers better, here are few
takes from my side on Consultative Selling :

# 1 The Mindset Of A PROFESSIONAL Doctor

If you have been to the right doctor, they would always ask with simple question – “What happened?” Between this Symptom and to get to the Root Cause, you will find them asking you lots of questions before writing out a prescription. Is it possible for you to take the same approach?

# 2 What are the Key Drivers For Change

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” ― Tony Robbins

This is the MOST IMP fundamental principle of Selling.

So, first driver is PAIN, second is FEAR and the last is PLEASURE.
The questions you ask, should be to uncover the Pain, the Fears and the Pleasures. Only then will they be “motivated” to take action. Else, you can keep talking to wall about the greatness of your company, specifications & benefits of your products.

#3 Focus On your Customer
If your Desire to “cut” the deal and earn $$ > Desire to help the buyer , you are doomed. Market has changed completely. Amidst heavy noise and information overflow, Customers need reliable, trustworthy partners for long term relationships. Even if you are getting crushed under pressure, review calls, weekly commits and quarterly targets, don’t allow it to appear outside. Sometimes winning one customer can get you numbers for the whole year !! icon smile


If you find that your potential buyers are very nice, entertaining you but not answering or not opening up or withholding information, just walk out. I used to waste days, weeks and months (sometimes), with false hopes and wishes of getting business. Now, I know that in most of such cases either they dont have money, or have already made up their mind to give business to their preferred vendor and using you to get a quote as per company policy, comparison or just to show others how busy they are ! 😉
(Its like Patient demanding to write drugs without telling anything about disease).

Just refuse to submit the proposals & check through other contacts in the account on the validity & intentions. Don’t hesitate to WALK OUT !!

# 5 Different Buyer Types

“Treat Others as You Want to Be Treated.”, RIGHT?
Treat your customers, as they would like to be treated!

Buyers can be divided into 4 Basic Types of Personalities – Relator, Socializer, Analyser & Director ( Will cover these personalities in future posts).
Thats one reason why we find some customers are so excited when they go through our proposals, and some behave like dead bodies. It’s never a one size fits all approach.

Its proven over last close to two decades or so that the Consultative Selling Approach if done in the right way is the most powerful way to win business.

SPIN – Situation, Problem, Implication & Need Payoff is another way of approaching the customers and designing the questions around.
And forget all this jargon, just approach your customers the way in which Doc would approach the patient !!

Have Funtastic Month,