How to Apply these Simple Strategies to Quickly Rise up in Sales Career

Making Growth In Professional Sales Career

As you enter into the Professional Sales, and if this is the first time, do take care of the following crucial points and areas to focus.

Focus & Develop Relationship Building Skills

Success Formula of TOP PERFORMERS
Success in sales = Personal and Business Relationships = Sales Quotas.

1. Do research, find out some good books on relationship building and keep practicing the new learning. My recommendation is to start with Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” , the Bible of Relationship Skills. I would have read this book at least 10 times, and still discover something new to know.

2. Be the member of the professional organizations, and attend quality seminars or networking events and practice all your skills. Dont bother too much if you dont get desired results initially. Its normal, as you are just starting… Think of the time when you started learning bicycle.

3. What are the specific traits and habits that will help you to reach people easily & build new relationships in your new sales job?

Self-Learning & Training
It should not matter, if your new job includes in-depth training or not. Spend time to learn as much about the company, the products which you are likely to handle, the market, the customers, the industry, etc. (Take help of Mr Google). Don’t overburden yourself with the information but remember you will learn more from that training if you already have good idea about the products, market and industry. Some companies also provide reading material during the interview process or after you are confirmed. You can always use these as a starting point.

What’s your Sales Story?

Normally nobody talks about this crucial point which determines your long term sales success. It highly matters if this is your first job or the next in your career you always need to have a great sales story to get started. How do you personalize the broad sketch of sales story given by your employer?

IF YOU WANT TO BE AHEAD AGAINST THE REST, I would rather suggest to be ready with your story in your mind, before you begin your work.

Now, these are the key points to get ready with your own Sales Story :
1. Go to company’s website, and go to Customers/ Testimonial section.
2. Understand the challenges, customers was facing and how those were addressed.
3. This will give you the opportunity to identify potential credibility points for your story (Are the customers large? Skills required will be – Relationship, Account Management, Commercials, Technical etc).

So, start with clarity, and focus on CREDIBILITY POINTS.

Customers testimonials will give you power words and also push buttons, using which, will motivate other customers and help you develop your sales story together.

Targets are only numbers

Target is only a number. If you plan properly, no number is unachievable. Unless you are in commodity established business, the first Quarter normally goes in understanding tons of stuff, so relax.

For you the challenge now is to maintain that right perception about you & strong positive impression through your first week and beyond.

Don’t take anything casually including your attire, notepads, pens, beg, as everything matters… either it adds or subtracts.

Don’t be over-enthusiastic and overboard as you are already ready and know more than others. If you think of any questions or need clarifications, write down, and don’t rely on your memory. Ask them during your orientation and training.

Have some basic data in place, and the most important of all average sales numbers for the industry in which you will be working. Check with someone from the similar industry and who is in it for few years. Understand & check if your preliminary sales targets and goals are based on the industry standards.

Check with your sales manager his plans for your targets and goals, and what you should be doing to achieve the same.

Your Goal must be to be the TOP SALES PERSON in your company
Understand the fact that top 10% of the sales professionals, earn 5x of the normal, and top 3% achieve 10-12x compare to average. Set incremental goals that will support your aim.

Whether its a fresh start, or a continuation of past success, start right from the first week to make the most of your sales career & be prepared to excel.

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Have a great success in your professional sales career,