Killer Sales Presentations Tips

Follow These Sales Presentation Tips, and See Your Selling Skills & The Conversions Going Through Roof !!

Killer Sales Presentations Tips

1. Don’t Exaggerate, Be Natural When Giving Sales Presentation – Keep a pad with key points. Talk To Your Audience & Involve Them.

2. Do Not Stand Still Or Move A Lot . Never Show Your Back… Your Audience Will Find Difficult To Connect With Your Presentation!

3. Play With Your Voice, Modulate To Emphasize Key Points – Don’t Be Monotonous When You Are Giving Sales Presentation. Use Volume, Pitch, Tonality To Emphasize. Using Non-Verbal Communication Enhances Power Of Your Sales Presentations.

4. Assume You Are Showering The Plants (Audience) Through Your Eyes – Ensure Eye Contacts With Your Audience When Giving Sales Presentation, and Keep Showering From One Corner To The Other… With Natural Movements Of Your Eyes.

5. Do Not Depend Upon Technology – Be Ready To Give Sales Presentations Even If There Is No Power Or Hard Disk Crashed or The Projector Starts Malfunction. These Aids Should Strengthen Your Sales Presentation, Not Weaken Your Presence. Avoid Too Complex Graphs, Videos, Animations, Just Strike A Right Balance.

6. Practice, Practice & Practice. Rehearse Your Sales Presentation As Many Times As Possible. Specially, Practice STRONG Opening & STRONG CLOSE. Tell What You Are Going To Tell Them, Tell Them & Tell Them What You Told.

7. Be Ready For Interruptions & Distractions During Your Sales Presentations.

8. Its Natural To Feel Butterflies. Even Steve Jobs Used To Have Before His Every Sales Presentation. Just Be Aware That It Will Be Only For Few Seconds, and If You Have Practiced Well, This Nervous Energy Will Boost Your Performance.

9. Answer Only If You Know. Do not “attempt” To Answer Something You Do Not Know. Promise Them To Provide Right Information Later (And Do Provide).

Happy Selling !