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Not Getting Consistent Leads & Sales?
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Discover The 4 Core Areas To Develop Business System Systematically With Ease In next 30-90 Days (Or Less) So You Can Grow Revenues, Positive Cash Flow & A Profitable Business

"Idea/strategy, starting a company is 20% and rest 80%,is all about the meticulous & ruthless EXECUTION.”

You start your dream with high hopes and aspirations.

You love technology and you love building your products or services. You could solve business problems using technology.

And it was all going fine. You didn't realize how the time flew.

You got business through your network, your friends and family contacts.

You had best mutual understanding with your co-founders and all were sharing responsibilities.

You hired more people and thought it would help you to manage future growth.

You also got press coverage, some awards, and life was sounding absolute perfect.

A Bit Change In The Situation - Uncomfortable & Alarming:

The talented folks you trained were treating your company as training center & a launch pad.

They started leaving, as there was not much "real" work and they had much better offer, they said.

The new customer acquisition and fresh sales.... ? You were only getting best of excuses from your sales team, and may be from your co-founders, supposed to be driving business development.

The current customers started dragging and delaying the payments.

Cash flow was becoming an issue, and you had to face embarrassing situation of not paying salaries on-time.

Costs were increasing and pressure was mounting in the system.

The heat, friction and blame-games with your other founders started becoming daily routine.

And somewhere deep inside, you started feeling "not good", "not inspired", "not motivated"....

and all the dreams, ambitions, vision & goals started taking backseat.

It was a serious pain facing such situations daily.

After introspections, deliberations, hesitation and resistance, finally you were brave & practical to honestly realized few things.

You realized you took many decisions based on your own assumptions and that costed you a lot.

There were many products or services you developed, you thought had a big market and massive potential, but you couldn't sell much.

You thought by word-of-mouth marketing, quality products and few customer references, you would easily get leads and prospects.

You thought your awesome proposition was good enough and you didn't need proper "sales" people and system.

You joined many Startup groups, attended many meetings, participated in multiple "Canvas" workshops.

You joined many online forums, posted your challenges with the hope to get some assistance.


If you are not fed up yet & tired enough of impressive white board presentations and theoretical advices from white collar consultants that sound awesome but doesn't help your business a bit,

If you have not wasted enough time and money without much change in the ground situation of your business,

Then, this is not for you.

But if you really want to hold bull by horns...

Its time to open your eyes and know the real reasons.

According to CBInsights report on "startups failure", some of the key reasons why these companies failed, though had good market, value proposition, and talented team, are :
1.Product without business model
2.Poor marketing
3.Lack of accountability
4.Founders lost passion and focus, burned out.

Here's what every tech startup founder must know, proactively address & avoid known blunders, when building business, grow revenue & acquire clients consistently

  • What according to Forbes, percentage of new businesses fail in first 18 months? Why?
  • In 2017, CBInsights studied more than 250 failed startups. What was that another bitter truth which shocked the global biz community?
  • What are those 4 core areas, which if you do not focus on & strengthen, you may keep working harder and harder without much results
  • What is the quickest way to create a compelling way to position solutions (products or services) to your audience and get the flood of leads
  • How to start acquiring new clients in as little as a quarter? What if you do not have sales and business development background?
  • What are those top startup mistakes many tech startup founders make, and how you can avoid them?
  • and much much more..

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