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"Systematize" your Business to break through the growth barriers and achieve Consistent & Predictable Growth In Alignment With Your Vision & Desired Goals.

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You started your dream, and everything was happening as per your expectations.

Though there were challenges, hurdles and pressure on % growth but you were able to grow revenues, profits were decent and team had been awesome.

You were satisfied and in fact ready to take to the next levels.

But then in last few years, you are finding the situation tough. 

The growth spikes you saw started vanishing, resulting panic, anxiety and financial stress.

Costs are going up, profit % are shrinking, as you anticipated similar growth in the subsequent years.

get the best system framework to translate your dreams to reality !
reaping the benefits of your hard work that will turn your business from 'gut-feelings', unpredictable & uncertainty to definite data points & clarity. and yes: you can do this even if you have never "systematize" sales ops.

- rajneesh jain

Creator of Corem's MSTK SalesOps Breakthrough Methodology, Amazon Best Seller, Passionate Tech Sales Business Enabler.

my topsy-turvy roller coaster ride 

Is This Your Challenge?

Most of the founders & business leaders (startups/growing companies) struggle with uncertainty and unpredictable sales forecast and cash-flow.

The data from the best of the CRM tools, is little better than the garbage.

You wonder if you business is moving in the desired direction or not.

The main reason for this :

You lack a solid salesOps system.

You need a "result oriented" culture and an accountability execution plan that can help you with dynamic view of your business.

I know, I NEED IT, BUT...

I am stuck in the daily firefighting, I need to ensure the ongoing business is not affected. 

I thought I could manage on-the-fly and investing on one of the best CRMs is enough. 

I attended many business boot-camps and workshops, I don't think all this would work for my business.

I have attended dozens of webinars, they make me feel good but that's all about it. Nothing happens to my business. 

I have limited budgets and don't want to waste on hiring expensive consultants or training programs.

Even when I try take new initiatives, I don't get enthusiastic support from my team.

I tried in the past and it didn't work for us.

There are so many "business gurus" around, webinars, workshops (Grrrrrrrrrrr), claiming to solve my challenges overnight by push-button.

It is hard to identify the authentic and experienced experts, who can assist me in building much needed such system.

I feel suffocated – with no tangible/intangible visible motivation to drive.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, you have company. Every growing business faces the same challenges.

So, anticipate it in different forms and shape at the various stages of growth cycle.

Now, it's not easy to build a professional sales operation system from scratch.

Selling is getting more complex, most of the tech businesses are facing the challenges regarding:

  • More and more services and products are getting commoditized.
  • Proliferation of competition
  • More informed and sophisticated buyers
  • Attracting and retaining top sales talent
  • Online world is having deep impact on traditional offline B2B business

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for every company or industry, so it's important to look at your specific needs as well as your team skills first before jumping into anything else.

It takes time, money and resources. 

This is a big challenge for technology startups as well as growing technology companies.

You Do Have A Solution


Corem's MSTK SalesOps Breakthrough Methodology is proven to overcome & solve these problems by providing step-by-step execution plan.

It helps you take the team and business through this "change" and grow your business faster than ever before.

It can help you develop a system and a solid execution plan that will provide transparency on your results and bring accountability into your sales operation and team.

Imagine while you start with the "numbers", but you are realizing its only a part of it. It is now helping you develop a right culture, you always wished you had.

You are seeing team getting more accountable and focusing on the results. You are identifying the right talents to be developed as a second layer of leadership.

You are finding more time to develop relationships and initiating new initiatives in the newer market. You are spending time with the strategic partners and now focusing on growth plans.

You are finding more time now, as you are no more in the regular daily transactions & fire fighting clients' issues.

Now with some breathing space and "UNSTUCK", you can focus more on long term growth strategies instead of being trapped by short-term tactical activities only.

Excited To Start?


The Simple "6+1 Framework" Approach YOU Can Take To Build Systems in 7 Business Critical Areas Customized For YOUR BUSINESS

It Is Not About You Lack Best Sales Tools or Team Is Not Good Enough or You Need To Attend More Business Workshops.

 Its All About Building A Result Oriented Complete Sales System That's Aligned With YOUR VISION, BUSINESS & GROWTH PLANS!

We use our Successful experience to create yours

Proven Method that gives you control over your sales process

Corem's MSTK SalesOps Breakthrough Methodology is based on two decades of in-the-trenches technology sales experience, generating millions of dollars. The methodology is a step-by-step systematic method to achieve double-digit growth QoQ without the pain of working long hours, struggling with complex systems, and laser-sharp focus on the core objective - "Cash Flow". It gives you absolute control and freedom along with revenue predictability.

Systematize Your Sales Organization to Break Through the Growth Barriers

Approach Is Designed To Get You On The Path to Successful Sales Orgs Rapidly. Developing A Sales System Can Never Be A Quick-Fix Over Night Results System. Magic Pill Push Button Instant Success Is Not For Real Business.
MSTK Sales System Is The Direct Result Of two decades Of Hardcore Field Business Experience That Has Delivered SOLID RESULTS.

Develop accountability and result-oriented culture

Consistency, Discipline & accountability within your organization is going to be the foundation of your Culture. You know you need to grow - but the thought of how to achieve it in a systematic way without burning out your employees or spending extra time/money is killing you. We’ve spent 2 decades building a simple and fast way for you to Systematize your sales organization.

reality Check..

(partial list)

Rajneesh has delivered a transformed team that is now a group of Champions. Great work, great vision.

Syed W.

Tech Sales Leader

Within 6-8 weeks time, we could clearly see the tangible differences in the attitude of our sales force. Within a quarter most of the team members started hitting 100%+.

Jose P.

tech sales leader

Integration of simple tools, restructuring, shifting focus on tight control sales ops and new initiatives are transforming our work culture now.

Francisco O.


Rajneesh is a true innovator and professional in his field. He has brought in an endless amount of revenue and customers to every single business and client he has helped.

Rashad S.

tech Entrepreneur

Rajneesh, is an amazing professional with an eye for results! We worked with him on our highly successful GTM.

Christopher H.


Rajneesh helped us changing our sales strategies, without disturbing the on-going business. His simple Target Account Methodology (TAM) helped us to leverage our strengths and earn more value with existing customers.

Raju P.

tech Entrepreneur

Rajneesh was instrumental in our organisation sales process transformation and helped us with restructuring, developing applications (including mobile sales app and analytics) and, systems to measure various parameters to aid business growth.

Anand V.

tech Entrepreneur

Rajneesh worked closely with our organization and patiently help building & operating simple sales processes. Focus, the shift in the mindset of the people and organization culture is massive and, results are tangible.

NK Mehta


Tremendous change in the work culture with focus on individual growth in-alignment with the overall growth plans of our organization. Down to earth, practical approach, with aggressive focus. 

Kumar S

tech Entrepreneur

We have used the strategies within our business, that he is an expert on and have had huge success.

A Mirza

tech Entrepreneur

Systematic approach to revenue and profitability goals gives us sense of direction & confidence to achieve, irrespective of what the goals are. It has deep impact on team members as they are driven to achieve the higher goals.

Nithya A.


If you are looking for a really experienced professional that will help you move your business from where it is to where you want it to be, Rajneesh is your best choice.

Patrick E.

tech Entrepreneur

Brilliant personality...with good sales ideas

Yatin K.

tech Entrepreneur

Controlled aggression, along with systematic patient approach to build the simple yet powerful accountable system can come only from years of field experience. We are growing every quarter, using the systems developed along with our team.

Mukul M


He is self motivated, and puts in tremendous energy to deliver on his goals.

Alok S

tech Entrepreneur

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